My Friends Christian Child Care
   & Preschool

...because quality is crucial!

MISSION STATEMENT: Ensuring your child's best tomorrow by providing the highest quality care and early education today.

What Parents Say

"Natalie truly loves her job and is genuinely interested in each child's growth and development, physically, morally and spiritually."

"I am a "picky mom"...I would trust Natalie in any situation, she shares my concerns for excellence. This is her "career", not just a job."

"Her cleanliness, her organization, the patience and understanding she shows. The whole atmosphere is fantastic!!"

"I just wish there was more out there just like Natalie!! I cannot say enough good about Natalie and her wonderful preschool."

"My children can be together all day, she is very educated with children, it's Christian, it's clean."

"My son has never been so happy before at daycare. I can see such a noticeable change in him since he has been going here."

"I feel Natalie is a a blessing to in-home childcare. She is so good with the children, patient, never raises her voice."

"We like Natalie! She is professional and [has a] caring approach to education. Her attention to details is very impressive. The atmosphere is calm, organized and safe."

"We are extremely happy with My Friends Christian Child Care."

"Natalie's program meets all aspects of [our child's] growth. Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual."

"It is Christian and puts children first as Jesus did."

"It is a Christian environment and Natalie is excellent with the children."

"More child care facilities should be modeled after Natalie's."